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If you are interested in discussing options for lessons, give me a call or email today. I only work with a limited number of players at a time, times slots are very limited.

John Bimmerle

Sulphur Springs, Texas

Phone: 817-719-6670



Lesson fees are dependent on the type of program you are interested in. 

Some of what is available:

1 - time lesson - 30 - 60 min

Weekly commitments - 30 - 60 min

Small group - 30 - 90 min

Contact me for more details.

Pitching Lesson Philosophy

Baseball has changed a lot since I grew up and in some ways for the worse. Today many kids are priced out of the sport due to the high costs of travel ball and the perceived need for private instruction to keep from "getting behind." I was lucky to have had strong youth coaches and that helped buy me time before I received my first private lessons and started full season travel ball at age 14.

Kids develop at different times and too often baseball players have already given up before they reach their peak development time. Too often the kids that are stronger at 7, 8, 9, or 10 years old and are able to excel at those ages, force other kids and parents to think they just aren't good enough to play. Then as those late bloomers come into their own, they are already focused on playing other sports.

I want ALL kids to be able to experience the joy that comes as they develop fundamentally and are better able to play the game correctly. If your kid developed earlier but is not fundamentally sound, I want to help ensure they don't struggle due to flaws that will likely limit long-term success. If your kid is a late bloomer, I want them to have access to sound fundamental teaching so they can excel and play for as long as they want.

What Makes a Pitchers Plan

Becoming a well-rounded pitcher involves more than throwing to a catcher or fundamental delivery mechanics. Developing a well-rounded Pitchers Plan is the key to long-term development.

This should include:

  • Warm-up routine
  • Agility and conditioning
  • Pitching mechanics breakdown
  • Learning to make on-field adjustments
  • Importance of pitch selection & location
  • Reading batters & making adjustments
  • Pitch grips and proper way to throw various pitches
  • Importance of pace and mound presence
  • Fielding the position correctly
  • Controlling the running game
  • Mental approach to the game